WEB.DE is a best free mail service provider in those country which speak German Langauge.This is the international web portal that is established in 1995. In 2005 the WEB.DE make connection with each and toghter with T-Online. According to new data approximately More than 14 Millions peoples using web.de in germany every month.

Storage Space Of web.de Mail

In the start of this mail service limited storage or space available for Email. But nowadays the limit of storage extended and make this service very good and fast. Now you can use 10GB Storage and Unlimited email in the free service of this mail.


The saftey of this mail is very well and good for user. The email service of this mail for user is SSL encryption. The web.de server present and located in the germany so the law of data protection applied on this mail service or traffic with the account of this service.Some filters are available in this mail like the Virus and spam filters.

Web.de Premium Account Features

  1. Provide unlimited storage space
  2. Provide 4 additional mail address with @web.de and 15 email address for fundomains
  3. It Provides 256 Mail box Folders
  4. Send email in a second and also provide you option to set shadule of email
  5. Provide special Individual homepage
  6. The FAX Function Features also available in premium
  7. No Advertising in this email service
  8. Fast and with more advanced features

More Features Included In Web.de Mail

WEB.DE Calendar: The calender option available in this mail box where you can check on Mobile and Tablets

Address Book: Address book Also available, you can use it for birthdays arrangement dates with line and insert this into it.

Greeting Cards: Many greetings card available in this, you can use different and amazing greeting cards on every occasion.

Online Office: Online office features of this service helps you to create and edit any documents and files online

Online Storage:

Online storage feature help you to store anything online by using this mail. 2GB Storage available in the free mode of this mail

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